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Juliana in front of Castello di Postignano

Enhance your Italy vacation with my two Umbria road trip itineraries, which you can accomplish in one or two days.

Called “the green heart of Italy,” Umbria is a sensory overload of earthly delights: picturesque medieval towns surrounded by gorgeous mountains, vineyards, and olive groves; enchanting stone castles; waterfalls; peaceful monasteries turned into hotels; heavenly cuisine with black truffles and spectacular wines; and friendly Italian hospitality. Insider tip: Umbria offers a more affordable alternative to Tuscany with fewer crowds (and still lots of amore!).

Mary Magdalene holding a red egg

The significance of Mary Magdalene being the first person – and the only one –  to see the risen Christ holds immense symbolism in a world that, two millennia later, still views women as not as valuable as men. I’m not religious, but learning about Mary Magdalene  has helped me connect not just with Christ, but with the feminine face of God, one that I can more intimately relate to, one that empowers and elevates me.

Juliana overlooking Big Bend National Park from the top of the Lost Mine Trail | Houston to Big Bend National Park Road Trip

A road trip from Houston, TX, to Big Bend National Park offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and adventurers seeking an off-the-beaten-path getaway. The itineraries in this travel guide will gift you with a journey into the high-altitude desert; magnificent views of splendid rugged mountains hugged by infinite blue skies and the mighty Rio Grande; a ghost town that looks straight out of an Old Western movie; jaw-dropping underground caves; star-studded dark sky sites; historical battlegrounds; museums; quirky art galleries; charming Americana-style lodges and splurgy resorts; delicious food in the middle of the nowhere; and a donkey ride into Mexico.

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