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Career Break

My reflections on taking a career break in my 40s, from dreaming to actually planning it, from the highlights to the lowlights of my journey (because life!). Also travel stories from that spectacular year of wanderlust.

Two glasses of aperol spritz on a table with olives and bread, Valletta, Malta in the background

Stunning, elegant, enigmatic. A Jerry Hall look alike with a Grace Kelly flair. It was hard not to notice her sitting with poise, her shoulders tall, her face stoic. “I know this may sound weird, but I have an extra drink. Would you take it, from one solo traveler woman to another?” I offered. What I learned later shattered all of my preconceptions.

Juliana serving coffee in an outdoor cafe in Sarajevo

Taking a career break sounds exciting: you may be dreaming of traveling, writing a book, learning a new craft or just want to recover from professional burnout. However, taking a career break is no small endeavor, particularly if you’re in your mid-40s and feel like there is so much you could lose from stepping outside your comfort zone. If you’re seriously considering taking a career break, here are some tips to get you started. They’re based on my own experiences of taking a break in my mid-40s. Start creating your new future now!

Juliana hiking in nature in Howth, Ireland, during her career break

If you’re like most professional women in mid-life, taking a career break sounds both exciting and frightening. In my own experience, taking a career break at 45 to travel abroad, in the midst of a pandemic, while married to a loving man who did not support this decision, was not a spur of the moment event. To overcome my fears, I had to take practical steps and grow a lot of emotional muscle. Here you can find out how I did it.

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