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Career Break

My reflections on taking a career break in my 40s, from dreaming to actually planning it, from the highlights to the lowlights of my journey (because life!). Also travel stories from that spectacular year of wanderlust.


This year I left my corporate job and visited 12 countries in four months, fulfilling a dream to travel and wander without time constraints. As I ignite preparations to return to the workplace, an unwelcome guest re-activates her loyalty card and rushes through my front door. Do you also allow anxiety into your life? Here’s what it feels like for me (and how I manage it).

Women dressed in 18th century costumes in Las Fallas, Valencia, Spain

I landed in Valencia in the middle of a massive fiesta that brings over one million people to the streets of this vibrant coastal city. Not only was Valencia a bucket list item, but the timing felt like the perfect metaphor for my current personal journey. Burning the old to create space for the new felt like the symbolic breath of phoenix I needed.

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