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Stories of my soul searching and personal growth experiences (the beautiful, the transcendent and the gruesome). 

Directing a commercial video | Re-entering the workforce

Re-entering corporate America was my soul’s calling to recreate myself and evolve in an environment that charmed and triggered me throughout my 20-year career. This first anniversary after returning from my career break feels celebratory, and with work as a backdrop for body-mind-soul expansion, I’m here to tell the ups and downs of my continuous evolution into embracing all parts of me: the masculine, the feminine, the light, the darkness, and all shades of growth. 

Juliana at an airport boarding area

Business trip and I’m at the airport stuck on a 5-plus-hour flight delay. The shyest human being on Earth sits next to me trying to figure out the menu, perhaps life. He’s young and avoids my gaze – anyone’s gaze!- but I’m bored and Bacchus prompts me out of my recent antisocial shell. I ask where he’s headed, and learn he’s trying to figure out not life, but death instead.

Mary Magdalene holding a red egg

The significance of Mary Magdalene being the first person – and the only one –  to see the risen Christ holds immense symbolism in a world that, two millennia later, still views women as not as valuable as men. I’m not religious, but learning about Mary Magdalene  has helped me connect not just with Christ, but with the feminine face of God, one that I can more intimately relate to, one that empowers and elevates me.

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