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What our soul wants is to be free to be: mine is on a path to find its home again

Juliana overlooking Big Bend National Park from the top of the Lost Mine Trail | Houston to Big Bend National Park Road Trip

A road trip from Houston, TX, to Big Bend National Park offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and adventurers seeking an off-the-beaten-path getaway. The itineraries in this travel guide will gift you with a journey into the high-altitude desert; magnificent views of splendid rugged mountains hugged by infinite blue skies and the mighty Rio Grande; a ghost town that looks straight out of an Old Western movie; jaw-dropping underground caves; star-studded dark sky sites; historical battlegrounds; museums; quirky art galleries; charming Americana-style lodges and splurgy resorts; delicious food in the middle of the nowhere; and a donkey ride into Mexico.

Juliana and a knight in armour

My soul-based Guiding Principles keep me on track to live in empowerment, authenticity, and balance. In this post, I draw upon Joseph Campbell’s hero journey and Maureen Murdock’s heroine’s journey to explain how I arrived at the creation of these principles. There’s a bonus: a magical encounter with a hawk at my window.

Juliana smiling while reading Taking a Career Break for Dummies

November is the one-year anniversary of My blog embodies three passions – travel, writing, and spirituality – and is a testament to the transformative 15 months of my mid-life career break. As this blog was born to channel my evolving self-expression, to be featured in “Taking a Career Break for Dummies” feels like the manifestation of a deliberate reconnection with my soul’s desire to be self-expressed and leave a positive legacy for humankind.

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