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What our soul wants is to be free to be: mine is on a path to find its home again

Juliana at sunset holding the sun with her hands

2022 was nothing short of epic, one of those where everything collides in harmony. It was as intense as the waves of change that prompted me to step into a more aligned life where I now tune in to the whispers of my heart and soul with just as much ease as I use my rational mind. Magical, where miracles big and small unfolded in extraordinary beauty. Tragic, permeated with losses that created space for new beginnings.   

Two glasses of aperol spritz on a table with olives and bread, Valletta, Malta in the background

Stunning, elegant, enigmatic. A Jerry Hall look alike with a Grace Kelly flair. It was hard not to notice her sitting with poise, her shoulders tall, her face stoic. “I know this may sound weird, but I have an extra drink. Would you take it, from one solo traveler woman to another?” I offered. What I learned later shattered all of my preconceptions.

Juliana laying down in cliffs surrounded by turquoise waters

Malta offers a mix of ancient and medieval history, grand architecture, stunning natural beauty, delicious Mediterranean food, warm weather and genuinely friendly people. For a tiny island country of roughly 500,000 inhabitants, it’s packed with attractions. It comes as no surprise to me that big names such as Forbes and Lonely Planet have put Malta on their list of top places to visit in 2023. Check out my recommendations for your first visit to Malta.