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What our soul wants is to be free to be: mine is on a path to find its home again

Juliana serving coffee in an outdoor cafe in Sarajevo

Taking a career break sounds exciting: you may be dreaming of traveling, writing a book, learning a new craft or just want to recover from professional burnout. However, taking a career break is no small endeavor, particularly if you’re in your mid-40s and feel like there is so much you could lose from stepping outside your comfort zone. If you’re seriously considering taking a career break, here are some tips to get you started. They’re based on my own experiences of taking a break in my mid-40s. Start creating your new future now!

Juliana hiking in nature in Howth, Ireland, during her career break

If you’re like most professional women in mid-life, taking a career break sounds both exciting and frightening. In my own experience, taking a career break at 45 to travel abroad, in the midst of a pandemic, while married to a loving man who did not support this decision, was not a spur of the moment event. To overcome my fears, I had to take practical steps and grow a lot of emotional muscle. Here you can find out how I did it.


This year I left my corporate job and visited 12 countries in four months, fulfilling a dream to travel and wander without time constraints. As I ignite preparations to return to the workplace, an unwelcome guest re-activates her loyalty card and rushes through my front door. Do you also allow anxiety into your life? Here’s what it feels like for me (and how I manage it).

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