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Juliana smiling while reading Taking a Career Break for Dummies

November is the one-year anniversary of My blog embodies three passions – travel, writing, and spirituality – and is a testament to the transformative 15 months of my mid-life career break. As this blog was born to channel my evolving self-expression, to be featured in “Taking a Career Break for Dummies” feels like the manifestation of a deliberate reconnection with my soul’s desire to be self-expressed and leave a positive legacy for humankind.

The Crossing It Off podcast promo featuring Juliana and her trip to Valencia

I’m overjoyed to be featured on the Crossing It Off Podcast about my experience visiting Valencia, Spain. Host Roger Williams gives voice to people who have crossed off bucket list items, from starting companies to interviewing the Dalai Lama. It’s highly motivational, and I feel so honored to have been selected to join this inspiring group of courageous human beings. Listen now.

"Happy New Year" in a scrabble game to symbolize your search for 2023 word of the year

Creating a word of the year sets an intention and intentions are powerful catalysts for creating a life that feels true to you. Your word opens up energetic pathways that will lead to synchronicities and miracles big and small. Learn how to find your word of the year in just five easy steps and discover the word that feels true to guide me in 2023.

Juliana serving coffee in an outdoor cafe in Sarajevo

Taking a career break sounds exciting: you may be dreaming of traveling, writing a book, learning a new craft or just want to recover from professional burnout. However, taking a career break is no small endeavor, particularly if you’re in your mid-40s and feel like there is so much you could lose from stepping outside your comfort zone. If you’re seriously considering taking a career break, here are some tips to get you started. They’re based on my own experiences of taking a break in my mid-40s. Start creating your new future now!