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Juliana in a bathing suit at the beach on her birthday My journey to reconnect to my womb and feminine energy

After losing my uterus in a hysterectomy, I ironically (and thankfully) reconnected with my feminine womb energy. Get ready for blood, mystical synchronicities and emotional breakthroughs. I invite you to share this story with women who could benefit from my experience.

Juliana at sunset holding the sun with her hands

2022 was nothing short of epic, one of those where everything collides in harmony. It was as intense as the waves of change that prompted me to step into a more aligned life where I now tune in to the whispers of my heart and soul with just as much ease as I use my rational mind. Magical, where miracles big and small unfolded in extraordinary beauty. Tragic, permeated with losses that created space for new beginnings.