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Tag: sacred feminine

Mary Magdalene holding a red egg

The significance of Mary Magdalene being the first person – and the only one –  to see the risen Christ holds immense symbolism in a world that, two millennia later, still views women as not as valuable as men. I’m not religious, but learning about Mary Magdalene  has helped me connect not just with Christ, but with the feminine face of God, one that I can more intimately relate to, one that empowers and elevates me.

Juliana and a knight in armour

My soul-based Guiding Principles keep me on track to live in empowerment, authenticity, and balance. In this post, I draw upon Joseph Campbell’s hero journey and Maureen Murdock’s heroine’s journey to explain how I arrived at the creation of these principles. There’s a bonus: a magical encounter with a hawk at my window.

Juliana with river and tropical jungle in the background

Perched on the banks of the Macal River in the exuberant tropical jungle of Belize, the Mystic River Resort is an excellent base for unforgettable adventures in the Cayo District’s natural and archeological attractions. Waterfalls, sacred caves, ancient Mayan ruins, hiking, kayaking, chocolate-making experience, and an infinity of wildlife: it’s all within reach!  In this travel guide, I share my experiences at the Mystic River Resort and outline the unforgettable day trips where I indulged my senses and channeled my wild woman.

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