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Juliana overlooking Big Bend National Park from the top of the Lost Mine Trail | Houston to Big Bend National Park Road Trip

A road trip from Houston, TX, to Big Bend National Park offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and adventurers seeking an off-the-beaten-path getaway. The itineraries in this travel guide will gift you with a journey into the high-altitude desert; magnificent views of splendid rugged mountains hugged by infinite blue skies and the mighty Rio Grande; a ghost town that looks straight out of an Old Western movie; jaw-dropping underground caves; star-studded dark sky sites; historical battlegrounds; museums; quirky art galleries; charming Americana-style lodges and splurgy resorts; delicious food in the middle of the nowhere; and a donkey ride into Mexico.

Juliana smiling while reading Taking a Career Break for Dummies

November is the one-year anniversary of My blog embodies three passions – travel, writing, and spirituality – and is a testament to the transformative 15 months of my mid-life career break. As this blog was born to channel my evolving self-expression, to be featured in “Taking a Career Break for Dummies” feels like the manifestation of a deliberate reconnection with my soul’s desire to be self-expressed and leave a positive legacy for humankind.

Shadow in a cave

Alex hands me a couple more marshmallows, and as I pierce them in the skewer, he goes back in time. At around age six or seven, while playing soccer in his small Mayan village, someone kicked the ball far into the jungle. He ventured into the woods to find it and soon realized he was lost. As the canopies closed in, blocking the sunlight, a two-foot-tall goblin approached him. “I was instantly paralyzed in fear,” he remembers. The creature had four fingers in each hand, and his feet faced backward. “When it was just 20 feet away from me, I passed out,” Alex flashes back, his eyebrows arched high towards his forehead.

“What else lives around here?” I ask with curiosity. “La Llorona,” they say.

Juliana with river and tropical jungle in the background

Perched on the banks of the Macal River in the exuberant tropical jungle of Belize, the Mystic River Resort is an excellent base for unforgettable adventures in the Cayo District’s natural and archeological attractions. Waterfalls, sacred caves, ancient Mayan ruins, hiking, kayaking, chocolate-making experience, and an infinity of wildlife: it’s all within reach!  In this travel guide, I share my experiences at the Mystic River Resort and outline the unforgettable day trips where I indulged my senses and channeled my wild woman.

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